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          1.What does the speaker really want to do?

          A. She wants to give some advice to middle school students.

          B. She is announcing an advertisement.

          C. She wants to tell us how to choose a university.

          2.What is the speaker’s suggestion?

          A. To earn money after middle school.

          B. To go on to study.

          C. She doesn’t know what to do yet.

          3.Which of the following is NOT true?

          A. The more years of school you attend,the more money you are likely to make.

          B. The more educated you are,the more choices you have.

          C. You can only choose colleges to study further beyond middle school.



          1.What is Robert?

          A. A doctor.??? B. A director.??? C. A retired manager.

          2.What is the man’s job?

          A. A tennis instructor.

          B. A physical education teacher.

          C. A sports club manager.

          3.How would the woman describe herself?

          A. Easy-going.??? B. Agreeable.

          C. Unable to handle pressure.

          4.What can be the relationship between the man and the woman?

          A. Teacher and student.??? B. Colleagues.

          C. Husband and wife.



          1.What are the man and the woman talking about?

          A. A place where people can have a drink.

          B. A time when people can have fun.

          C. A friend they both like to talk with.

          2.For how many hours is a pub usually open?

          A. From morning till night.

          B. Four to eight hours a day.

          C. It depends on the owner.

          3.Who is not allowed to go into a pub in England?

          A. Young people.??? B. Children under 14.

          C. Students.



          1.Where does the conversation take place?

          A. In a park.??? B. At a restaurant.

          C. In an office.

          2.What is Alice doing now?

          A. She’s looking for a new job.

          B. She’s working for a company.

          C. She’s studying at a university.



          1.How old was she when she became famous?

          A. Twenty.??? B. Fifteen.??? C. Sixteen.

          2.Why has the girl given up swimming?

          A. She can’t stand the hard training.

          B. She cannot compete with others.

          C. She cannot win any international competitions.

          3.How does she feel about her future?

          A. Very excited.??? B. A bit lost.??? C. Very discouraged.


          What day of the week is it?

          A. Saturday.??? B. Sunday.??? C. Monday.


          What did the man buy?

          A. A briefcase.??? B. A suitcase.??? C. A cigarette case.


          What are the two speakers trying to do?

          A. Call a taxi.??? B. Catch a bus.??? C. Find a timetable.


          What time will the ship leave?

          A. At 6: 55.??? B. At 7: 05.??? C. At 9: 15.


          What was the hotel like in the past?

          A. The meals were good but not the rooms.

          B. The rooms were good but not the meals.

          C. The meals and the rooms were terrible.



          1.What are the two speakers?

          A. High school students.??? B. College students.

          C. Graduates.

          2.What can we know about the meeting?

          A. Nothing in particular, just a get-together.

          B. Only the youth may benefit from the meeting.

          C. Its topic is the future of the youth.

          3.Which is NOT mentioned?

          A. Future career.??? B. Society.

          C. Hi-tech.

          4.When is the meeting?

          A. At about 8: 00 some day this week.

          B. At about 8: 30 tomorrow evening.

          C. At about 8: 00 this evening.



          1.What does the man want to do at weekends?

          A. Do some washing.??? B. Go shopping.

          C. Do some reading.

          2.What’s the woman’s suggestion?

          A. Have a picnic.??? B. See a movie.

          C. Go skating.

          3.What’s the phone number?

          A. 527-086.??? B. 572-860.??? C. 527-860.



          1.Where will the two speakers go?

          A. The seaside.??? B. Los Angeles.??? C. Florida.

          2.How many people will probably go together?

          A. 3.??? B. 4.??? C. 5.

          3.What’s the relationship between the two speakers?

          A. Father and? daughter.

          B. Brother and sister.

          C. Teacher and? student.



          1.What happened according to the conversation?

          A. The woman was robbed.??? B. A store was stolen.

          C. Greg was ill.

          2.What does the man think of Amber?

          A. She is strange.??? B. She is lazy.

          C. She is dishonest.



          1.What did the two speakers do before the conversation?

          A. Watched a movie.??? B. Attended a party.

          C. Went to the concert.

          2.Which programme would the man like to choose?

          A. A music video.??? B. A TV series.

          C. A reality show.

          3.Who does the man like?

          A. Norah Jones.??? B. Jay Chou.

          C. Celine Dion.


          What can we know about the woman?

          A. She spends too much money.

          B. She works in a factory.

          C. She often argues with the man.


          What will the weather be like?

          A. Snowy.??? B. Sunny.??? C. Rainy.


          What are the two speakers probably doing?

          A. Visiting another town.

          B. Waiting for someone.

          C. Talking about an accident.


          Why does the woman look worried?

          A. She has to pay the telephone bill.

          B. The telephone bill has gone up this month.

          C. She’s run out of money.


          Where does this conversation most probably take place?

          A. In a restaurant.??? B. At a railway station.

          C. In a store.



          1.Who is the speaker?

          A. A photographer.??? B. A college student.

          C. A college teacher.

          2.What is the class like?

          A. It’s fun, but it takes very much work.

          B. It’s interesting, and it doesn’t take any work.

          C. It’s boring, and it needs a lot of work.

          3.When does the speaker find that his pictures come out better?

          A. After he uses the new camera.

          B. After he uses the old camera.

          C. After he takes his teacher’s advice.

          4.What’s the speaker’s dream?

          A. To finish the course soon.

          B. To get the teacher’s old camera.

          C. To take wonderful pictures himself.



          1.What does Jane think of her trip to the West Coast?

          A. It was terrible.??? B. It was wonderful.

          C. We don’t know.

          2.What’s the disadvantage of Los Angeles?

          A. It is noisy.??? B. The weather is hot.

          C. There is no subway and the bus service is terrible.

          3.What’s the weather like in San Francisco?

          A. Warm and nice.??? B. Cool but comfortable.

          C. A little cold.

          4.Why is it easy to go around in San Francisco?

          A. Because it is small and the transportation is good.

          B. Because it has subways.

          C. Because it has a smaller population.



          1.How many car salespersons were hired?

          A. Ten.??? B. Eleven.??? C. Twenty-one.

          2.What? advantage does the woman have over the salesmen?

          A. She is very friendly.??? B. She is a single woman.

          C. She is ready to help others.

          3.What do we know about the woman?

          A. She never goes out for lunch.

          B. She doesn’t like to talk to her workmates.

          C. She isn’t getting on very well with some salesmen.



          1.Where is the woman going?

          A. Out to dinner with a friend.

          B. To a friend’s house for dinner.

          C. To a new friend’s house.

          2.According to the woman’s mother, you should never go to a friend’s house without.

          A. anything to take??? B. getting dressed up

          C. having dinner



          1.What does the woman ask the man to do?

          A. Think of a subject for her writing.

          B. Introduce a book by Eric Hansen.

          C. Find a place of interest to travel to.

          2.Which of the following is true according to the conversation?

          A. Eric Hansen has a lot of work to do.

          B. The woman is not interested in the area.

          C. The book is about the writer’s experience among the natives.


          What does the man want to have?

          A. A single room.

          B. A two-room suite(套間).

          C. A suite with a bath.


          What does the man mean?

          A. He is not interested in the city of Washington.

          B. He prefers Los Angeles to Washington.

          C. He used to hesitate where to go.


          Who is the woman most likely to be?

          A. Mr. Black’s secretary.??? B. Mr. Black’s boss.

          C. Mr. Black’s visitor.


          What is the man’s reaction to the news?

          A. He is angry.??? B. He is surprised.

          C. He doesn’t care.


          How did Charles travel through South China?

          A. By bus.??? B. By car.??? C. By train.


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