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          (2013●泰州市)Lunar Probe( 月球探測器) Chang'e-5_____ into space this year. It will land on the moon and? return with lunar samples(樣品).

          A. sends??? B. will be sent??? C. will send??? D. is sent


          (2013●泰州市) Nineteen Taizhou dishes??????? into the book Huaiyang Cuisine(淮揚菜).

          A. chose??? B. choose??? C. are chosen??? D. have chosen


          (2013●泰州市) ---“Frog”, Mo Yan's latest novel, please!

          --- Sorry, it ______ just now. But it will come out again soon.

          A. sold out??? B. is sold out??? C. has sold out??? D. was sold out


          (2012●蘇州市)The film made by Walt Disney________all over the world.

          A. is used to show??? B. is used to showing??? C. used to show??? D. used to be shown


          (2015●南通市)Moon cakes ?????? for free to those old people this coming Moon Festival.

          A. were offered??? B. will offer??? C. have offered??? D. will be offered


          (2015●南通市)---Hobo,can I eat the hamburger?---Sure,if the dishes ?????? .

          A. wash??? B. are washed??? C. will wash??? D. will be washed


          (2012●南京市)It's reported that Jiangsu Grand Theatre ???? in September this year.

          A. completes??? B. is completed??? C. will complete??? D. will be completed


          Pukou Railway Station ______ in 1911 and it has become a filming location for films and TV? plays in recent years.

          A. build??? B. is built??? C. built??? D. was built


          (2012●南京市) We're sure that the environment in our city __greatly through our work in the near future.

          A. improved??? B. was improved??? C. has improved??? D. will be improved


          (2012●南京市)It's said that an Asian Culture Village__________inside the AYG Village in Nanjing in the coming Asian Youth Games period.

          A. builds??? B. is building??? C. will be built??? D. was built


          (2012●南京市)Yaxi, a quiet village in Gaochun,________ China′s first “Slow City”in November 2011.

          A. names??? B. named??? C. is named??? D. was named


          In the past few years, great changes______in Lianyungang.

          A. take place??? B. took place??? C. have taken place??? D. have been taken place


          -- Clark, your room is really in a mess. It needs _____. --- Sorry, mum. I'll do it at once.

          A. clean??? B. cleaned??? C. to clean??? D. to be cleaned


          (2012●淮安市)---Aunt Li, who is the pretty girl in red in the picture?

          ---It's my daughter. The picture ________ 10 years ago.

          A. took??? B. is taken??? C. has taken??? D. was taken


          (2012●淮安市) Last March, many trees ________ along the streets to make our city more beautiful.

          A. were planted??? B. were planting??? C. had planted??? D. planted


          Alice???? some advice on how to improve her listening skills, and she gladly accepted Miss Green' s.

          A. gave??? B. was given??? C. gives??? D. is given


          (2016●常州市) ---Do you know when we________?

          ---I'm not sure. I will tell you about it when the time________.

          A. leave;is fixed??? B. will leave;is fixed

          C. leave;will be fixed??? D. will leave;will be fixed.


          (2014●常州市)The Yellow River????? flood large areas, but now the waters of it are used to?? energy.

          A. was used to; producing??? B. used to; producing

          C. was used to; produce??? D. used to; produce


          This listening material, together with its CD-ROMS, ______well.

          A. sells??? B. sell??? C. is sold??? D. are sold


          Suppose (假設) you want to be a computer programmer. Tell us how to make your resolution work.



          Nowadays,computer games are becoming more and more popular in many cities and towns.A lot of small shops along busy streets have been made into small game houses in order to get more money.These places are always crowded with people,especially young boys.

          ? In the computer game houses,people spend a lot of money competing(較量)with the machines.It's hard for one to win the computer,but one can make progress after trying again and again.People have a kind of gambling psychology(賭博心理) when they play computer games.The more they lose,the more they want to win.When class is over,the school boys run to the nearby computer game houses.Little by little(漸漸地),they forget all about their lessons and fall far behind others.Some of them can get enough money from their parents.But some of them are not lucky enough to get the money.They begin to take away other students' money and become thieves.

          1.Who always go to the computer game houses?

          A. Young girls.??? B. Young children.??? C. Young students.??? D. Young boys.

          2.People made small shops into small game houses in order to ______.

          A. make computer games more popular??? B. get more money

          C. help people to learn the computer better??? D. make people happy

          3.What must be brought to play games in the game homes?

          A. Tickets.??? B. Paper.??? C. Cards.??? D. Money.

          4.What will happen to the boys if they keep going to the game houses?

          A. They will win a lot of money.

          B. They will make a lot of good friends there.

          C. They will fail in their study and even break laws.

          D. They will live a happy life in the future.

          5.What is the passage mainly about?

          A. Game houses have a bad effect on young boys.

          B. More and more small shops have been made into game houses.

          C. Young boys spend a lot of money playing computer games.

          D. People play games better after trying again and again.


          Everyone has got two personalities (性格)—the one that is shown to the world and the other that is secret and real. You don’t show your secret personality when you're awake because you can control yourself, but when you're asleep, your sleeping position shows the real you. In a normal night, of course, you often change your sleeping positions. The important position that best shows your secret personality is the one that you go to sleep.

          ???? If you go to sleep on your back, you're a very open person. You normally trust people and you are easily influenced by new ideas. You don’t like to make people unhappy, so you never express your real feelings. You're quite shy and you aren't very confident.

          ????? If you sleep on your stomach, you are a person who likes to keep secrets. You worry a lot and you're always easily becoming sad. You never want to change your ideas, but you are satisfied with your life the way it is. You usually live for today not for tomorrow.

          ????? If you sleep on curled up (蜷縮) , you are probably a very nervous person. You have a low opinion of yourself and often protect yourself from being hurt, so you are very defensive. You're shy and you don't usually like meeting people. You like to be on your own.

          ???? If you sleep on your side, you have usually got a well-balanced (平衡的) personality. You know your strengths and weaknesses. You're usually careful. You have a confident personality. You sometimes feel worried, but you don't often get unhappy. You always say what you think, even if it makes people angry.

          1.You may find the passage in __________.

          A. a science magazine??? B. a guide book??? C. a sports newspaper??? D. a story book

          2.When does the sleeping position best show your secret personality?

          A. In the daytime.??? B. At the beginning of sleep.??? C. At night.??? D. During the deep sleep.

          3.Tina hardly tells her secrets to her friends. She probably goes to sleep __________.

          A. on curled up??? B. on her stomach??? C. on her back??? D. on her side

          4.What does the word “defensive" mean in the passage?

          A. 易怒的??? B. 攻擊性的??? C. 外向的??? D. 有戒心的

          5.What does the passage tell us?

          A. Sleeping on your side is the best way of sleeping.

          B. Changing positions will cause sleeping problems.

          C. Sleeping positions show people's secret personalities.

          D. Enough sleep makes people look better and healthier.


          Why do I want to go to college? No one has ever asked me _____ a question.But many times I have asked myself.I have _____ a whole variety of reasons._____ important reason is that I want to be a better man.Many things make human beings different _____ or better than or even superior to animals.

          One of the most important things is _____.If I fail to receive higher education.my education _____.As I want to be a fully _____ man.I must get a well-rounded education.which good colleges and universities are supposed to _____.I know one can get educated in many ways,but colleges and universities are _____ the best places to teach me how to educate myself.Only when I am well—educated will I be a better human being and ______ fit into society.

          1.A. quite??? B. so??? C. such??? D. another

          2.A. come up with??? B. agreed with??? C. been fed up with??? D. got on well with

          3.A. Most??? B. The most??? C. More??? D. Much

          4.A. to??? B. around??? C. between??? D. from

          5.A. education??? B. weather??? C. temperature??? D. science

          6.A. finished??? B. don't finish??? C. will not finish??? D. has finished

          7.A. develop??? B. developed??? C. developing??? D. experience

          8.A. improve??? B. graduate??? C. hear??? D. provide

          9.A. between??? B. among??? C. inside??? D. outside

          10.A. can good??? B. may better??? C. be able to better??? D. be able to best


          —Are you going to visit Center Zoo tomorrow?

          —______.We're going to visit Green Zoo.

          A. Yes,we are??? B. No,we aren't??? C. Yes,we do??? D. No,we don't


          His aunt promised ______ him to see Beijing Opera just now.

          A. to take??? B. taking??? C. took??? D. takes


          Linda is a Chinese girl but she ______ in the USA.

          A. looked up??? B. grew up??? C. walked up??? D. ate up


          If we really work ______,we'll be famous.

          A. hardly??? B. hard??? C. easy??? D. quite


          Lana likes to ______.She wants to be a ______.

          A. cook;cooker??? B. cooker;cooker??? C. cook;cook??? D. cooker;cook


          —Could you buy ______ snacks?

          —I'm sorry.but I don't have ______ money.

          A. any;any??? B. some;some??? C. any;some??? D. some:any


          My mom usually gets angry when I ______ to do my homework.

          A. forgets??? B. forgotten??? C. forgot??? D. forget


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